McComb Animal Hospital started in 1954 by Robert Kimmel Sr. We are committed to providing exceptional and quality care in all aspects of veterinary medicine. We feel that the cornerstone for a successful hospital comes from strong client communications and genuine compassion for pets marked by friendliness, integrity and excellence in service.

Did you know that pets often age an average of seven years to every human year?

Pets are similar to humans in the fact that the older they get, the more often they need to schedule a Senior Wellness Exam. McComb Animal Hospital can create a plan based on your pet’s specific needs. These needs range from nutritional advice, yearly blood tests, dental care and even pain management when our aging friends begin to face arthritis. Please contact McComb Animal Hospital for a Senior Wellness Plan that is created especially for your

Do your pets go on vacation?

Often we do without making proper plans for our pets. Adding more food and water and more litter for your cat is not enough when you leave your home, especially for an extended amount of time. McComb Animal Hospital provides boarding that is supervised by veterinary technicians.

Our trained caretakers insure your furry friends have the appropriate amount of food and water and exercise while you are away from your dog or cat. McComb Animal Hospital has caring facilities for very large dogs down to the smallest of cats!


The staff at McComb Animal Hospital takes care of our babies just as we would. They truly treat the animals as if they were their own family members. - Nancy Lazenby

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Best Pet Boarding Readers' Choice 2022

We are thrilled to receive the Readers' Choice Award for Best Pet Boarding! Thank you to all who voted for us!